Mornington Peninsula

Where The Sea Meets Shiraz

As well as a stunning coastline made up of pristine beaches, the Peninsula is home to over 200 vineyards and 50 Cellar Doors giving Melbourne another stunning wine region just an hour away from the City.

Another cool-climate wine region, the area’s big hits are often Pinot Noir and Chardonnay although here at VBC we love the Shiraz from this region. Despite the first vines being planted here in the 1970’s, this beautiful part of Victoria has come out of the Yarra Valley’s shadows to now be a standalone respected wine country.

Just like the Yarra Valley, the area also has breweries and cideries as well as gin and rum distilleries. The best thing about that sentence? They’re actually all on the same road within walking distance of each other!

Mornington Peninsula is also perfect for those who like to indulge and we can include stop offs for cheese or chocolate dipped strawberries as part of your day.

We are currently only offering the Mornington Peninsula as a ‘BYO’ option. You organise the wineries and supply us with an itinerary and we supply you with a bus, driver and a fun day out!

Pricing & Inclusions

As a group tour and charter operator, we can do our best to customise each itinerary to your needs. Get in touch with any requests or requirements and our team can assist.

For Smaller Groups

$ 800 Starting From
  • 11 Seater Bus
  • Air-conditioned Bus with Driver/Guide
  • Based off a standard length day. Pickup in Melbourne Metro area
  • We are currently only offering the Mornington Peninsula as a 'BYO' option. You organise the wineries and supply us with an itinerary.

For Larger Groups

$ 1200 Starting From
  • 24 Seater Bus
  • Air-conditioned Bus with Driver/Guide
  • Based off a standard length day. Pickup in Melbourne Metro area
  • We are currently only offering the Mornington Peninsula as a 'BYO' option. You organise the wineries and supply us with an itinerary.

Chat with us about adding winery stops

We can pick up your group from a convenient city location

Prices are based off our standard itineraries

Our Promise To Make Your Day Special

At Victorian Bus Charters, we pride ourselves on offering a great day out with a very simple process. For too long sorting that perfect day out has been such a drama for the organiser friend, best men, maids of honour and social coordinators. We’ve changed that and we’re making it easy! 

VBC has all the things you should be looking for in a Bus Company:

TSV Accreditation is a legal requirement and you should always look for an operator that has this. TSV requires their operators to maintain the highest bus safety management standards.

Whether it’s timings, budget, group sizes or tastings, we’re all about being flexible to you and your needs.

Not only that but we’ve got a good knowledge on what works in terms of lunches, how many stops, the best Summer spots to the best selfie shot. You name it, we’ll be able to help with it.

Do you want a bus driver that always looks at the clock and wears high socks and a tie? Didn’t think so! Our drivers love groups and understand what makes a great day out and this is something we pride ourselves on.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You sure can! The Yarra Valley and The Bellarine Peninsula all have venues specialising in producing different alcohol aside from wine and we can make your whole day about those venues instead. Everyone is different and we get that so we can try and include a Beer or Gin offering in the region you’re touring. 

We get it, you’re seeing this phrase a lot here, but what actually is it? Whether it be a winery, a distillery or a brewery, a friendly, helpful and knowledgeable member of the venue’s team will take us through a range of their offerings. Not only should you learn a bit, it’s a fun experience that could well throw up a new favourite drink for you. A normal session  would consist of tasting 4-6 different drinks.

We can cater for group sizes 2-24 on our winery tours. This is mainy due to the capacity of the venues we visit.

We are all about making it easy for you. If you have no clue on where to go, that’s fine as that’s why we’re here! We’ve been doing this a while and will create your day based on our knowledge of the area, your group size and the experience you’re looking for. Alternatively if you have a venue or 2 you know you want to include, we can aim to work that into your itinerary too.

Sorry, we leave them at the door of each venue. Yes of course! As long as we know in advance we’ll give the venues a heads up and you and your group will be taken care of!

Bank Transfer is the preferred method but we have Credit Card and PayPal facilities also. We can also set up split payments for your group to make it easier for everyone coming along on the day. Basically, whatever works for you, works for us, that’s what we are all about!

You tell us! We can pick up from a location that works for you and your party within Inner Melbourne but we are also happy to discuss other options. We can add another pickup if on the way/close by but ideally it will be a location everyone from the group can get to.

Got dinner reservations after the big day? We can drop you off at another location if needed. 


*Re pickup and drop-off additions, the price may be affected depending on the situation but we’ll be open and honest with you from the start.

Of course you can! As we keep saying, this is your day, not ours. Your day=your tunes. We provide the facilities for you to blast your favorite bangers all day long. Failing that we can promise dad jokes and stock standard banter from all of our drivers.

Absolutely! We want to make it your day so we’re happy for decorations to be up in the bus. The only thing we ask is you take the decorations with you at the end of the day. Not only can it take time to tidy up, it can be awkward for our driver heading home with a fully decorated bus, it looks like no-one turned up to their party.

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