School Holiday Fun For Kids? Try A Bus Charter!

“Summertime, and the living is easy…” as the song goes – but it’s not so easy when you’re organising group travel for kids! When the classrooms are closed and the world is opened up, summer is the perfect time for kids to make incredible memories, learn experientially, make new friends, travel and more. You probably have endless fond memories of the fun you had during your own summer holidays – summer camp, youth group activities & outings, and exploring the great outdoors with relatives and friends on getaway adventures.

What you didn’t realise at that age is what a headache it can be to organise these adventures, in terms of logistics: for every wonderful experience you had getting away to your favourite places with a group of friends and family, there was probably a frazzled parent or volunteer trying to figure out how to get you there, get your luggage there, and make sure no one and nothing got lost on the way. This would’ve been even more the case when you were travelling in separate vehicles – a recipe for confusion!

And parents: you may feel like taking the kids out on an exciting adventure but dread the frustration and distraction of travelling with them a tight, cramped vehicle for what can easily be many hours (or feel like many hours!).

The good news is, if you’re now that frazzled parent or volunteer, Victorian Bus Charters can get you there in comfort and style – whether you’re a small group or large.

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But don’t we need to be a large group to charter a bus?

Good question, and the answer is no! You may have been reluctant to explore bus charters as an option for group travel for your group of family & friends, or your community group. Understandably, people associate bus charters with large groups of 30+ people; but actually, Victorian Bus Charters are able to accommodate small group travel, with our range of vehicles seating between 7 and 57 passengers.

In other words, if you’re travelling as two families (or even one largeish one), a Melbourne bus charter may be for you!

Why should we charter a bus for school holiday travel?

Plenty of reasons! Simply put, it’s easy, it’s enjoyable, it’s more comfortable and spacious, the kids can enjoy chatting together on the way, and it’s a fun and memorable way to get from A to B that’s so much less of a hassle than the alternatives.

Are bus charters only for getaways?

No! Another common misconception is that bus charters must only be for long trips. Victorian Bus Charters regularly ferry groups of children to holiday activities – from sports games to extracurricular activities and more.

So whether you’re travelling in a small group or a large group, and you’re heading somewhere within Melbourne or you’re off on an adventure, get in touch with Victorian Bus Charters to see how we can get you there in style, in comfort and on time.