Indigenous Cultural Sites

Victoria has a rich Indigenous heritage, with around 39 different languages being spoken before European settlement. There is evidence to suggest that there has been life here for up to 40,000 years.

Gaining an understanding of the fascinating Indigenous cultures of this land is key to understanding the story of Australia. Here are some of our favourite places in Victoria to learn about the First Peoples of Australia – and if you’d like to take a tour of Victoria’s most interesting cultural sites, leave it to our Melbourne bus charter company!

Narana Cultural Centre (Geelong)

Situated in Grovedale near the start of the Great Ocean Road, the Narana Cultural Centre offers an award-winning immersive cultural experience. It’s set on 16 acres, so there is plenty of room for an art gallery, café, a retail outlet to pick up some souvenirs of your trip, as well as a chance to spot wallabies and emus roaming around in nature.

The centre offers a free self-guided tour, or you can decide to book a tour with one of the experienced guides to gain greater insight into the Wathaurong people.

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Rock art in the Grampians.


The Grampians, or Gariwerd as it is known traditionally, has been home to Aboriginal people for at least 30,000 years. Home to the Jardwadjali and Djab Wurrung people, the Grampians is situated 3 hours west of Melbourne, and is the location of 80% of Victoria’s rock art – 200 sites in total, with 5 of those sites available to the public. The art itself is stunning, and the sense of history and connection with the past is truly humbling.

The Brambuk Cultural Centre also offers a great insight into the local indigenous culture, particularly the Gariwerd Dreaming Theatre.

Mungo National Park

Mungo National Park was put on the map after Mungo Man (the remains of the earliest known human to inhabit the Australian continent) was discovered 40 years ago. About 120 kms from Mildura, it is a great spot to truly get away from the stress of city life.

The Visitor Centre is in the heart of the national park and is home to some amazing artefacts that have been discovered in recent years, showcasing the natural history and cultural heritage of the area.

Mungo National Park is also a great place for a camping holiday, with unbeatable views of the sky and stars.

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Gippsland has a rich Aboriginal history, and the best way to discover it is to explore the sites along the Bataluk Cultural Trail. The trail, which is pretty much the ancient equivalent of the modern-day Princes Highway, was the backbone of the paths and trading routes used for over 30,000 years by the Gunaikurnai people of East Gippsland.

There are 12 sites in total along the trail, stretching from Won Wron in the West to Cape Conran in the East. All the sites offer a different perspective on Indigenous life, culture and heritage over the years.

Buchan Caves is also a great place to check out while you’re in the Gippsland region. Tools and other Aboriginal artefacts have been found in the cave, as well as remains of extinct species such as the Tasmanian wolf and an enormous kangaroo the size of a horse.

The fascinating stories shared by these sites are a wonderful opportunity for visitors and locals alike to better understand the deep roots of Indigenous Australia, connection to the country and the diversity of the fabric of this land today.

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